Today begins a new day

If I had all to do over I would change only one thing. I would have told how strongly I felt for her. MAybe things would be different. And then again maybe not. I must live my life this way, No regrets noremorse. Is what it is. Now to move forward.

My music career has always taken the back seat to everything else. Always practicing for the gig I never play. Well this year I will make a concious effort to book some gigs in Austin and maybe San Marcos this summer. May lead to something. Get Briant to dust off his drums and accompany on this venture. SO today I move forward.

Music is not the only future. There is also D2 Luminescents, A company that designsand builds luminescent furniture and frmes to backlight luminescent photographs deleoped by Deleigh Hermes of DLHermes Photography of Austin, Texas. She is my Neice and fellow artist. We as a team will showour first pieces n a show on Congress this weekend. Praying for success.

Also the other future is Aquaponics, the art of raising fish to feed plants the nutrients from their wastes to provide a medium based vetable operation to feed neighbors,our friends and family. We are building it in the week to come.

So as you see busy is the days to come and glad of it. I hate boredom. So come folow me into my future.


About Dayz on End

I own and operate Dazonind Enterprises. We can do any home improvement or remodeling project you can dream up. We also specialize in mobile digital sound recording services, web publishing and web marketing, musical entertainment. We have now added Aquaponics Technology to our list of Expertise. Raising Mozambique Tilapia and Koi and Veggies in a symbiotic state. Also trying our hand at Straw bale gardening.
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