I am through looking for love.

I have never been so frustrated with trying to find someone to spend time with. Childhood sweethearts should be left in the memory banks. I am on my third and it ended badly every time. At this point in my life I have given up looking for love. It is far to painful to be hopeful and be dashed to the curb again and again. Best just be satisfied being alone. It is easier to not seek or expect to find any woman from here on out. I’m done. Come and find me but don’t expect me to be desperate any longer. I don’t need you….and obviously they don’t need me.


About Dayz on End

I own and operate Dazonind Enterprises. We can do any home improvement or remodeling project you can dream up. We also specialize in mobile digital sound recording services, web publishing and web marketing, musical entertainment. We have now added Aquaponics Technology to our list of Expertise. Raising Mozambique Tilapia and Koi and Veggies in a symbiotic state. Also trying our hand at Straw bale gardening.
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