Can people really change?

I think the Answer may be Yes. I have been gone from here for two years and much has changed. I really am sure of nothing but that I am. I am currently searching myself for all the things I am not. One thing for sure, I admit I am not so smart. For as much as I know, everything, I do know, is probably based on a lie. What do any of us truly know? “Sometimes the Question is the Answer, this is real my friend. Illusion is what you cannot see and fact what you hold in your hand.” Fact is only what some believe, that another has told you. Who told you is analyzed and verified that his words are true… Where did he or she hear what they told you? “Bon-sure” So much we trouble with discussing is irrelevant. Is it important that someone sees my point of view. I think not. From now on the only difference I make in this world is in myself. I say to lead by example or not by advice is the best way to change the outcome of situations. I apologize to all I have offended in the past. I need not be forgiven to be absolved. If you do or do not does not change me, only you. Christ is still and will always be king. He  will return for he is the only truth we know and he said he would. Til he does I bring his light in my life to the world. Think what you want, comment if you like, and please seek your peace. This is my story and I’m sticking to it.


About Dayz on End

I own and operate Dazonind Enterprises. We can do any home improvement or remodeling project you can dream up. We also specialize in mobile digital sound recording services, web publishing and web marketing, musical entertainment. We have now added Aquaponics Technology to our list of Expertise. Raising Mozambique Tilapia and Koi and Veggies in a symbiotic state. Also trying our hand at Straw bale gardening.
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