What a week

Well I finished the studio. Can’t get my laptop sound software to record worth a crap had to go back to cassette. Not gonna get the album done on that. But did manage to get the sheet rock up in the den and the dining room…Finished taping and floating today. Texture and paint tomorrow.

Earlier last week Phone got rained on. Took it completely apart and let it dry all week. Put it back together and low and behold it not only works but didn’t lose my contacts…Yeah.

Three days ago my laptop cooling fan start raising all manners of hell and the power input kept losing power on me…usually right when I was about to send a message…damn that makes me want to throw things…especially my laptop. But I didn’t I calmly went and got tiny screw drivers and took to the task of getting it open to see what was up…Well if any of you have evr tried to take a laptop apart, it is no easy task. Got her open , found the problem with the fan and fixed that. Then I had to break out a solder gun and fix a broken solder joint on the power input (ground side). I put it back together and low and behold another success…Back in business with both the phone and the Puter. Damn sometimes I amaze myself.

You have to back off from wanting immediate results and diligently pursue tasks one step at a time and wait for the outcome to not be stressed. I guess it comes from age and divine intervention of a sort. I know I only have these talents because I was born into this world with certain Dna that God coded me with. For that, I am thankful..

I also lost a neighbor last week and he was only 62…Got real sick and was dead in a month. Buried him Monday and on tuesday his wife calls and there is a bat flying around in the house. Dad and I got the bat out and Then I went in the attic and found where it got in and fixed that. What are neighbors for I guess. Didn’t have to call Billy with Dextron and see that ridiculous death metal outfit he wears to come and get it out and charge her an arm and a leg. So it has been one of those weeks…Hope to do some fishing this week since its shorts and t shirt weather here in Texas and it not even March…Damn I love the Gulf coast…Keep your powder dry til next time… Later


About Dayz on End

I own and operate Dazonind Enterprises. We can do any home improvement or remodeling project you can dream up. We also specialize in mobile digital sound recording services, web publishing and web marketing, musical entertainment. We have now added Aquaponics Technology to our list of Expertise. Raising Mozambique Tilapia and Koi and Veggies in a symbiotic state. Also trying our hand at Straw bale gardening.
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